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Sri Lanka
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About the company
the honest greens story

the revolution in Sustainable Agriculture

With rainfall patterns changing and mean temperatures rising, it became apparent that Sri Lanka’s archaic farming techniques would not be able to cope. With yields lower around the island, farmers would start to cut down trees in order to make more land available for agriculture. Based on estimates we need approximately 600,000 additional acres of land to cater to rising demand.

The issue of food security is what propelled us to build our inaugural farm in Sri Lanka, using a myriad of technologies including precision hydroponics, climate control and horticultural lighting. Our crops are provided with the optimum conditions to ensure they thrive throughout their lifecycle, resulting in delicious crops that would be difficult to replicate outside

Our nutritious range of produce is expanding constantly. Currently we grow different types of Lettuce, Kale and specialty greens such as Rocket, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi and Microgreens.

Through the use of cutting edge technology, we have built a farm that is climate resilient and highly resource efficient, with the highest standards in food safety and traceability

With the global population set to balloon to over 10 billion people by 2050 and intensive farming methods eroding soil at ten times the rate it is replenished, innovative farming techniques such as ours are becoming a necessity to help solve our current food security crisis.

The honest greens process
Nutrient Supply & Control Unit
Automated supply of nutrients. This keeps our solution balanced, ensuring our plants gets exactly what they need, when they need it.
Form Factors & Growing Systems
The system is housed inside a sealed grow room, preventing any pests from getting in whilst keeping the growing environment stable.
Air Conditioning
We maintain the optimum temperature range for plant growth using our closed loop cooling system.
CO2 Supply Unit
Plant require Carbon Dioxide for photosynthesis. Our CO2 supply unit measures the level of Carbon Dioxide present in our grow room before supplying more to aid plant growth.
Artificial horticultural lighting that mimics the sun.
our produce
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