Honest Greens grows in a modern indoor vertical farm, a utopia for delicious, healthy plants! These tender plantlings are given exactly what is required for keeping them comfortable in their ideal climate from seed to harvest. Farming indoors is a modern approach to agriculture allowing us to grow delicious, nutritious and beautiful greens all year round regardless of the weather. No sun? No rain? No problem!


The germinated seeds are transplanted into our state of the art grow towers, where they grow under horticultural lights which provide our plants with the optimal wavelengths for healthy growth. Our climate and nutrient control systems monitor our plant’s growing environment constantly, ensuring that the plants receive exactly what they need, when they need it.






Sri Lanka’s agricultural industry has resorted to archaic systems for a number of years. Due to ocean temperatures rising 40% faster than initially predicted, we could experience severe flood and droughts in the years to come. Being a consumer of leafy greens vegetables ourselves we found it extremely difficult to find consistent produce of a high standard. Whilst produce in Sri Lanka is getting better, due to high humidity and temperatures it would be very difficult for traditional and greenhouse methods to grow certain crops to their full potential.
Aneeshan Tyagarajah
Sanuja Cooray
Ashish Advani
Q: Favourite cocktail garnish
A: I would have to go with Lemon Basil. A couple leaves muddled up with a bit of gin, tonic and some fresh lemon juice. You cant help but feel refreshed after a sip of that!
A: Personally, I prefer mint. Crush a couple of leaves mixed with some Bourbon and a special syrup
A: Anything citrus.
Q: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
A: You can't beat a good old lamprais, although pepperoni pizza comes in at a close second.
A: My own personal super food bowl! Fresh salad leaves, marinated grilled meat, some egg, some exotic nuts, chia seeds, avocado.. The list goes on.. Nothing taste as good as healthy feels
A: Japanese food
Q: Favourite way to enjoy your greens?
A: Smoothies! Just take a few of your favorite greens and fruits and blend it up with some milk and yoghurt! You'll thank me later.
A: Raw! Yes I am savage
A: Stir fried
Q: What's your go-to salad recipe?
A: Chicken Avocado Salad. Mix the chicken up with salad leaves, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, bacon and feta cheese. I would also stir in some balsamic dressing to finish the salad off.
A: I don't know what you call it the mix but it consists of mix salads greens, a little bit of micro-greens, some shredded carrots and beet, crushed basil and mint, some olive oil, avocado, little bit of lime juice and a tad bit of honey with a portion of grilled salmon or chicken and finally a dash of Parmesan cheese
A: Always got to keep it easy -lettuce, cucumber , carrot, seaweed and roasted sesame dressing
Q: Most fun part of coming into work?
A: I enjoy coming to work knowing that we are contributing towards many causes such as food security and agricultural diversification. We do this whilst providing tasty, premium local produce to our customers. What's not to like?
A: The most fun part for me is overcoming a challenge through technological innovation.. There is no greater thrill, its like an addiction. On top of that I am making the world a better place and I am doing it with some of my best friends...
A: Being able to be on a team thats driving an innovative farming technology in Sri Lanka, while being socially and environmentally friendly
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